The Somerset Woods Trustees owns 29 holdings comprising 1155 acres in Somerset County, Maine. They are located in Canaan, Cornville, Madison, Embden, Skowhegan, Solon, Norridgewock and Starks. Fifteen of these properties have frontage on the Kennebec River or a major tributary. The largest preserve is Coburn Woods/Taylor Field, which overlooks the Skowhegan urban area. The smallest is a parcel on the east side of Lake George in Canaan. Whether large or small, all of the holdings have value to the public.

The Somerset Woods Trustees also holds conservation easements on nine properties totaling 843 acres. As do the properties owned in fee, these easements conserve forestland, fields, wetlands, wildlife habitat, shorelines, and scenic and cultural resources for public benefit while still allowing appropriate activities. However, unlike the properties owned in fee, the locations of conservation easement properties are not shown on maps as these are privately owned and generally open to the public only by landowner permission.

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