The Somerset Woods Trustees (SWT) was formed in 1927 and is likely the oldest active land trust in Maine. Louise Helen Coburn (1856-1949) of Skowhegan, botanist, historian, poet, author, philanthropist and visionary, initiated the Somerset Woods Trustees and was its first president.

Over the past eight decades the organization continues to acquire, hold, manage, maintain, and where practicable, open tracts of land to public access. The Somerset Woods Trustees is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.


The mission of the Somerset Woods Trustees is to protect lands in Somerset County, Maine, that have significant natural or cultural resources and manage them in a sustainable way for public benefit.

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The Somerset Woods Trustees currently owns 1155 acres in lots of varying sizes scattered throughout Somerset County though most of the parcels are in the greater Skowhegan area. In addition to those properties owned outright, The Trustees also hold conservation easements on another 843 acres of fields, forests and wetlands, also found throughout the county.

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