Conservation Parcels

Malbon's Woods


55.0  acres

A portion of this property was gifted to SWT in 1927 by founder Louise H. Coburn.  

This property is covered primarily with hardwood and white pine and has scenic and wildlife habitat values. An informal trail system throughout the property is used by the public. Parson's Family Preserve abuts this property to the north and eventually we envision a connected trail network. 

In 2010 The Maine Appalachian Trail Club received a lease from SWT to build  a training center for their work crews within Malbon's Woods.   MATC will use the land for trail skills training, trail crew housing, trail equipment storage, trail club meetings, and the prefabrication of trail structures. MATC plans to host non-club members for trail skills training, meetings, or other events related to the mission of MATC. MATC continues to raise funds to built this center. SWT believes that the center will be a great benefit to local trails and will be of economic value to the Skowhegan region.

Wesserunsett Stream Point



4.0  acres
This parcel is valued for its scenic, historic and archeological resources and for its undeveloped shoreline. The property has upland, wetland, and riparian habitats.  There is currently no formalized public trail. 

Directions:  south of Route 2 on west bank of Wesserunsett Stream where it enters the Kennebec River; located across stream from commercial campground.  

Lemon Stream


4.0  acres
This parcel is located on Lemon Stream, a major tributary of the Sandy River. The stream has a population of Brook Trout. Land cover is mixed woods.

Access can be arranged by contacting SWT.

Lakewood Road Lots



28.0  acres

Two parcels form this holding. They are situated on the west side of Route 201, north and south of the Reed Road. Although primarily mixed hard and soft wood, portions of the property are identified by the Maine Dept. of Inland, Fisheries & Wildlife as Deer Wintering Area. This property is also a scenic resource along Route 201.

Benner's Woods



41.5  acres
Located on the East Madison Road, this parcel of land has a vast variety of wildlife and plants. 

Please email us if you would like to visit.

Casino Hill Woods



1.5  acres
Casino Hill Woods is a small strip of land located on the north side of the Canaan Road (Route 2). The parcel is valued as a scenic resource. 

Directions: Skowhegan (Town Map 6 Lot 52A), north side of Canaan Road (Route 2).   

Ofria Preserve



3.2  acres
We at Somerset Woods Trustees are immensely grateful for the generous donation of land from the Ofria Family.

Jackson Woods and Fields



195 acres

Alfred Jackson gifted, with a reserved life estate, land to SWT in 2016. Please email SWT for a tour of this land. 

Lake George



1.4 acres
This forested property is located in Canaan on the east side of Lake George Drive. Its proximity to Lake George Regional Park offers potential for collaborative management with the park.

Future Kennebec River Trails


Kennebec River Walk

Between the Town's Coburn Park and SWT's Kennebec Banks Picnic Area there may be a future opportunity to develop a river walk.  SWT owns much of the land with the exception of about 0.8 mile along the river.  

Railroad line on the south side of the Kennebec River

An abandoned  rail line could make an excellent trail if extended from SWT's Philbrick trails (at the east end of the Bebe Trail) to a point that needs to be determined.