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Bargain Sale

 Bargain Sales As funds for acquisition require fundraising or funding by grants, SWT will normally request that landowners sell their land to SWT at a bargain sale. Sale of land at less than market rate permits SWT to purchase the land at an affordable price while permitting the landowner to deduct the gifted portion as a charitable tax deduction.

The difference between appraised market value and the sales price is a tax-deductible charitable donation to the extent permitted by law. Such a sale is particularly beneficial when selling highly appreciated property.   

How We Pay Purchase Land

Option  SWT may request that a landowner agree to an option to purchase by a certain date and for a certain price.  Very few land trusts have sufficient revenue available for immediate acquisition and often require time to raise funds from private and/or public sources. 

Partial Purchase

SWT may decide that  it does not require all of your land and request a subdivision of your land. A subdivision would also permit SWT to spread out the acquisition of parcels over time. This may also be useful if a landowner would prefer to spread out income and taxable gains.