Kennebec Banks Picnic Area & Historic Site

4.5 acres

This scenic property on the Kennebec River is a popular destination maintained by the Somerset Woods Trustees, Maine Department of Transportation, and the Town of Skowhegan for the public’s enjoyment.

Picnic tables and BBQ stations are available and there is an adjacent boat ramp.

SWT annually hosts a popular BBQ picnic to raise funds for maintaining the park.

Looking across the Kennebec at the forested landscape, the view brings to mind what Benedict Arnold's soldiers on their way to Quebec City on a cold October autumn of 1775 must have seen as they prepared to portage over the falls. One of the soldiers, Captain Thayer, wrote in his journal, "The carrying place is across an island...The people call this place Canaan; a Canaan indeed! The land is good, the timber large and of various kinds, such as pine, oak, hemlock and rock maple. Last night our clothes being wet were frozen a pane of glass thick, which proved very disagreeable, being obliged to lie in them...The people are courteous and breathe nothing but liberty."