Canaan Bog

192.0 acres

This holding consists of two separate lots east of the East River Rd. granted to SWT by CMP as compensatory preservation mitigation required by regulatory agencies plus an access easement.

CMP also built a parking area for use by the public when accessing the lands.

The trail is not yet marked but if you walk up the ridge under the power line that crosses East River Road, you will reach another power line, running perpendicular to the first.  The open bog will be obvious as it runs along the power line on the top of the ridge. Access under the power line on the ridge can be very flooded.  Unless you specifically wish to see the bog plants near the top of the ridge, It's recommended to use this trail when the ground is frozen..

Directions from downtown Skowhegan:  travel east along Route 2 (Water Street becomes Canaan Road).Not long after your cross over Wesserunsett Stream,  East River Road will be a right turn.  Travel along East River Road, watching for Oak Pond Road.  The parking lot will be on your left, about 1/2 mile from Oak Pond Road.