July 21st 8 am -12 noon - Paddle from Solon to North Anson

You are invited to join us for a buffet breakfast at the Evergreen Campground from 7:45 – 8:45 am. Cost per person for buffet is $7.95 plus drink & tax. We will set off at 9am, stopping to view the petroglyphs, and several islands preserved by SWT. Be ready to explore verdant islands (hats, socks, long pants, bug juice, water- all recommended). The trip should take around 3 hours. Join us for ice tea, sandwiches and cookies at the Anson Boat Launch provided by SWT staff. If you would like to have your car waiting for you in North Anson, make arrangements with the staff at Evergreen to have your vehicle shuttled to North Anson for a fee of $18, otherwise we can bring you back to Evergreen and you can swing by Anson to pick up your boat. Please RSVP with contact info in case we have to cancel for weather. Copy and paste in an email to Nina Pleasants at somersetwoodstrustees@gmail.com the following text:

Your Name______________________________ your email/phone #_____________________________ _____ Yes! I would like to join the paddle. There will be __________ of us bringing_____________________# of canoes/kayaks __________ (# of people) will join you for breakfast at 7:45am at Evergreen Campground Restaurant, 202 Ferry Road in Solon. _______________ We/I would like to have our car(s) shuttled for $18.00 to the North Anson Boat Launch. ______________ We/I have time to be driven back to Solon to pick up car and then return to p/u boat. _______________ We/I have arranged for someone to meet us at the Anson Boat Launch. _______________ We/I would like to join you for a free light lunch at the Anson Boat Launch.

For your own info:

Directions to Evergreen Campground 30 Miles North of Interstate 95, (Exit 133) via Route 201 North. At blinking light in Solon turn left onto Route 201A. Evergreens Campground is 1 mile on the left.

Directions to the North Anson Boat Launch. In North Anson turn onto Madison Street and follow approx. 1 mile until you see parking area on the left, boat launch on the right. https://www.google.com/maps/@44.8579031,-69.8772804,2101m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en